As a member...

Your involvement can be as great or as little as you choose. As a member, you have vote in the conduct of your organization's affairs. You are encouraged to attend the annual meeting, at which time you can vote on the election of directors and officers, review financial statements, and provide input on matters of policy. Usually, an educational program is planned for these meetings.



We invite you to join FCACO.

Upon receipt of the membership donation, all members will receive:

  1. Wallet membership card
  2. Names of mortuaries that offer reduced prices for FCACO members including the price list
  3. A preplanning form and the legally binding form for "Ohio Appointment of Representative for Disposition of Bodily Remains"

Other useful documents accessible to members and non members can be found on the website. For example:

  1. Survey of area funeral homes when available
  2. "Before I Go" end-of-life step by step planner and Survivors Checklist
  3. Newsletters featuring consumer information and alerts twice a year

You receive a lifetime membership when you submit your payment ($40) and application to us. You can request an application be sent to you by mail, or you can download and print one from this page (next section) or you can complete your application and payment online via a secure PayPal site (next section). Dependent children are included in a parent's membership until age 18, at which time they must apply for their own individual membership. Scholarships for membership are available. Call the office for details.

FCACO serves residents in the greater Columbus, Springfield, Yellow Springs and Athens areas. If you live outside these areas, contact us & we will connect you with an affiliate of FCA in your area. You can also locate affiliates using the National &Affiliates link.

JOIN NOW!  Download the application and mail it to us. Adobe Acrobat is necessary to download the form. You may download Adobe Acrobat for free.

Or fill out the online form and it will automatically be sent to us. Your membership will become active when we receive your membership fee.

Membership is transferrable among all affiliates in the U.S. for little or no charge and benefits are reciprocal among affiliates. If you die in another affiliate's area you would be eligible for all the benefits that particular affiliate offers. Sometimes this will include discounts at funeral homes, but not always.