At the time of her husband's death…

"I had taken it for granted that the hospital would advise me… I felt alone, at a complete loss. [FCACO] gave me not only the information I needed at that moment but also consultation and compassionate support. As a result the many tasks that had to be carried out quickly were accomplished smoothly without further anxiety on my part… The philosophy, information and services helped sustain us in our difficult journey."

--Penny Griffing

Following two losses….

"My mother was impressed by the ease of facilitation, the low cost of the services and the way time was provided to allow the family to gather and to prepare and provide a well-thought out, meaningful service… Four years later mother died and the chosen funeral plan went into effect with a minimum of action on my part and with all parts of the contract being carried out promptly without hassle or added sales pitch and at the expected cost. The undertakers also gave me advice about questions to ask of the management of the out-of-state cemetery where Mother was later buried. These questions and their answers made the interment easy also… Having the membership proved invaluable."

-- Nance Hinnenkamp

Past and future…

"I have used [the member-affiliate funeral home in Columbus] in the deaths of my wife and one of my sons. At those tragic times they exerted no financial pressure, but quietly went about the arrangements in good taste and genuine concern for my feelings. I plan to use them when my time comes."

-- Dr. Lewis C. Branscomb, Director Emeritus of the Ohio State University Libraries